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AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. (AFSI) is a privately owned real estate risk management company that assists commercial property owners, their respective insurance agents and brokers, evaluate the true exposure of structures located in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) in order to increase and protect the value of the real estate holding. With more than 30 collective years in the flood risk management industry, AFSI’s specialized knowledge delivers a competitive advantage in the assessment of flood risk and the allocation of insurance expenses. We evaluate flood risk and exposures 365 days a year and believe that every property owner has a right to an accurate flood zone designation because, simply stated, not all flood risk is equal.

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Our services afford property owners and those who represent them a risk-free opportunity to reduce flood insurance costs, improve coverage, increase asset values and proactively manage flood risk, including mitigation efforts, to prevent uninsured losses.

Flood Risk Evaluation

A complimentary assessment of a property’s high-risk flood designation and the unique characteristics of property structures. The evaluation includes a comprehensive report, featuring identification of the flood source, SFHA, levee and other types of flood control systems proximity, current and historical Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data and FIRM overlay. Should AFSI find the structure […]

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Flood Risk Management

This service empowers property owners to obtain coverage commensurate with the actual flood risk and allows those who service commercial and residential property portfolios to deliver focused business value and extraordinary client service. AFSI performs a flood risk evaluation on all structures that require flood insurance. This process determines if any of the structures qualify […]

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Premium Reduction

This service identifies legally available credits and rate options for buildings correctly designated in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). It can significantly increase the value of the real estate holding by reducing annual flood insurance costs. Leverage our understanding of this complex service to capture savings, protect and improve the value of your property. […]

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Elevation Certificates

The elevation certificate is an important administrative tool or the NFIP and an important risk management tool for property owners with buildings currently classified within the SFHA. It provides elevation, building type, flood map and additional information necessary to determine the proper flood insurance premium rates, to support a request to reclassify the flood zone […]

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Flood Practice Partnership Program

AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc.’s (AFSI) Flood Practice Partnership Program offers an unparalleled level of flood servicing and a competitive edge in client acquisition, retention and referrals for insurance agencies and brokers, risk management companies, property management companies and lenders. AFSI develops a customized plan for your industry sector that allows you to offer clients a proactive […]

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NFIP Facts You Need to Know

The latest statistics available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency illustrate the inequities of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In 2014, residential and commercial property owners purchased more than 5 million flood insurance policies through the NFIP at a cost that exceeded $3.6 billion. During the same period, the NFIP approved less than 12,000 claims for a total payout of less than $352,000. While premium income generated by NFIP requirements help pay for disaster relief costs that flood zones often necessitate, most NFIP policyholders and participating communities put far more into the program than they receive in return. A 2014 GAO (Government Accountability Office) report sums it up this way: “…the program, by design, is not actuarially sound because Congress has historically authorized FEMA to offer subsidized premium rates for policies covering certain structures to encourage prospective customers who might become insured to join the program. “ Statistical Source: FEMA.gov
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What our clients say

  • Write Your Own (WYO) Flood Insurance Carrier

    As the largest provider of federal flood insurance (NFIP) policies in the U.S., we highly recommend the elevation certificate services of AmeriFlood Solutions. Their national network of licensed surveyors and engineers, combined with their expert knowledge of NFIP rules, ensures that our customers receive accurate elevation documents, which, in turn, enables us to provide properly rated policies.

    Write Your Own (WYO) Flood Insurance Carrier

    St. Petersburg, FL
  • Risk Management Company

    The benefits …were realized almost immediately. My clients realized the immediate premium savings and ultimately appreciated the fact that the value of their assets increased given the improvement of the flood determinations and the reduction in flood insurance premiums… . I highly recommend AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. as a source to address your clients’ flood insurance with and perhaps more importantly, I deem them to be an honest and trustworthy company to improve and rectify your clients’ flood insurance issues.

    Risk Management Company

    Mahwah, NJ
  • Insurance Brokerage Firm

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the services AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. has provided to many of my real estate clients over the last two years. … Our clients continue to benefit from your service including elevation certificates, providing overlays to check flood zones at no cost, LOMA’s when applicable.

    Insurance Brokerage Firm

    Dallas, TX
  • Insurance Broker

    The support provided by AmeriFlood Solutions has resulted in many examples of premium savings and coverage enhancements… I would like to mention the work recently provided on a large acquisition of five hotels …we were able to achieve savings of over $75,000 in annual NFIP premiums.

    Insurance Broker

    Dallas, TX

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