AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. (AFSI) is a privately owned real estate risk management company formed in 2011 to assist commercial and residential property owners, their respective insurance agents and brokers, evaluate the true exposure of structures located in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) in order to increase and protect the value of the real estate holding.

Our services offer property owners a risk-free opportunity to reduce flood insurance costs, improve coverage, increase asset values and proactively manage flood risk, including mitigation efforts, to prevent uninsured losses.

An inaccurate flood zone classification results in a flood insurance policy that is improperly rated and unwarranted premium expenses. Why pay more?

NAFREqualMap_edited-1In every community across this great nation, there is diversity in landscapes and land uses, weather patterns, and flood risk. If you own, lease, manage or represent commercial or residential property owners subject to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements, protect the investment, improve the bottom line and be proactive about the level of risk. AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. can educate your company to do just that and is trusted by leading real estate investment firms, real estate developers, financial institutions, insurance agencies, brokers and risk managers to verify the accuracy of lender imposed coverage.

Recent flood insurance relief legislation, for the most part, ignores the interests of commercial property owners. Those owners subject to NFIP requirements will pay a hefty price without a program of due diligence to ensure premiums are actuarially justified while the terms and conditions of loan requirements are met.


For every $5,000 a year your flood insurance goes up, you're losing $100,000 in property value.
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With more than 30 collective years in the flood risk management industry, AFSI’s specialized knowledge delivers a competitive advantage in the assessment of flood risk and the allocation of insurance expenses. AFSI does not sell insurance or insurance products. AFSI evaluates flood risk and exposures 365 days a year and believes that every property owner has a right to an accurate flood zone designation because, simply stated, not all flood risk is equal.

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