Flood insurance premium savings of $114,000; adding $1.6 million in property value.


Elevation Certificates

A real estate investment trust engaged AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc. (AFSI) to audit the elevation certificates for a property, where the combined annual premiums for six insured structures exceeded $118,000. AFSI found that the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies were incorrectly rated due to significant errors and omissions on the elevation certificates. AFSI facilitated the preparation, completion and review of new elevation certificates, which reduced the annual cost of premiums by more than 95 percent.

The data provided by an elevation certificate is critical to the process of properly rating a structure for coverage commensurate with the actual flood risk. AFSI deploys a team of flood and land professionals to audit new and existing elevation certificates; and coordinates a national network of licensed surveyors and engineers to collect accurate data, free from errors and omissions that increase the cost of coverage.

Is your elevation certificate free from errors and omissions? If not, you may be paying too much or not enough for flood coverage. Contact AFSI for an elevation certificate review or quote.