5 Reasons Commercial Property Owners in High-risk Flood Zones Should Verify Their Classification

Commercial property owners in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-designated high-risk flood zones have no reason to celebrate the bills moving through the United States Senate and House of Representatives to delay flood insurance rate increases. Some believe the legislation is yet another glaring example of the inequities of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which […]

Increasing Value, Capturing Savings and Managing Flood Risk – An Upscale Resort Owner’s $19 Million Dollar Story

Six years ago, the global economic crisis hit the luxury hotel and resort industry hard, like a ton of 14 carat bricks. Even the most resilient of destinations and properties were not immune to the fallout and many owners, operators and their agents sought proactive measures to protect the brand, status and investment value during […]

How Flood Zone Map Changes Impact Commercial Property Owners

Periodically, federal flood insurance maps get updated. In the aftermath of recent storms, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been updating flood maps to reflect new risks. While the impact of federal flood insurance maps on residential properties and residential property lending is well-known, they can have an equally significant effect on commercial properties and […]