Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate Companies

  • Is your lender forcing you to buy flood insurance?
  • Have your buildings been free of flood damage since you've owned or managed them?

If you have insured structures and buildings in FEMA-designated high-risk flood zones, AFSI's flood risk management service is a proactive strategy to protect and increase the value of your real estate assets. The service includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine if the property belongs in a low-risk flood zone and submission of the low-risk findings (Letter of Map Amendment) to FEMA to reclassify the designation.

Flood zone reclassification provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) requirement.
  • For lender-imposed policies, provides a pro-rated refund of the current year’s premium amount for the year in which the reclassification occurs.
  • Enables the commercial or multifamily property owner to maintain flood coverage through the master policy at no cost (some restrictions apply).
  • Delivers a 100 percent return on investment because AFSI's  contingency fee is equal to the premium, which you will save every year going forward. For example, if you pay $10,000 to save $10,000 every year in the future, that’s a perpetual 100% annual return on investment. Using this savings example, flood zone reclassification delivers a 1,400 percent one-time return on investment when you sell or refinance because you will capture $140,000 of value in exchange for the $10,000 contingency fee.
  • Improves net operating income.
  • Increases property value by capitalizing the new income.
  • Increases property marketability.


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