Earlier this year in the AFSI blog post: NFIP Reauthorization Watch: A Briefing for Flood Insurance Consumers, we summarized what is at stake with the looming September 30, 2017, deadline to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Below, you will find an overview of where a few industries stand on the federal program; as well as, a perspective on the tough road ahead.



For a refresher on what is at stake, take a moment to review the following video from the Wall Street Journal.

While AFSI keeps an expert eye on the program’s renewal and reforms, we encourage all property owners, especially those subject to NFIP requirements, to be diligent about flood risk. Submit your property details for a complimentary flood risk evaluation to learn if you are paying too much, not enough, or should not be paying at all for the cost of coverage.

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