AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc.’s (AFSI) Flood Practice Partnership Program offers an unparalleled level of flood servicing and a competitive edge in client acquisition, retention and referrals for insurance agencies and brokers, risk management companies, property management companies and lenders. AFSI develops a customized plan for your industry sector that allows you to offer clients a proactive flood risk strategy in the management and protection of their real estate assets.

Working with AFSI, you will be able to:

  • Provide flood risk management services to your entire portfolio of property clients.
  • Build value at the customer level and exceed customer service goals.
  • Differentiate and set your company apart from the competition without exhausting staff resources or the bottom line.
  • Leverage AFSI’s unique flood expertise and technical capabilities for client referrals, acquisition and retention.
  • Empower clients to make cost-effective flood insurance decisions commensurate with their budgets and true level of risk.

The Flood Practice Partnership Program provides a superior level of flood expertise to manage all client flood risk efficiently and effectively. Should you require an independent review of client properties in designated high-risk flood zones or an understanding of a client’s flood insurance requirement, contact AFSI to discuss the Flood Practice Partnership Program. Start delivering focused business value and extraordinary customer service benefits today.