A complimentary assessment of a property’s high-risk flood designation and the unique characteristics of property structures. The evaluation includes a comprehensive report, featuring identification of the flood source, SFHA, levee and other types of flood control systems proximity, current and historical Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data and FIRM overlay.

Should AFSI find the structure to have an inaccurate high-risk flood zone designation, with your approval, the AFSI team submits the case to FEMA for review of the findings and correction of your flood zone designation. If the structure does not qualify for flood zone reclassification, but due to a number of factors reviewed in the evaluation, AFSI may find that it qualifies for premium reduction, allowing you to maintain the same amount of flood insurance coverage for less money.

Interested? Take advantage of this free risk assessment tool today. AFSI invites commercial and residential property owners and/or their insurance agents or brokers to use our Flood Risk Evaluation form. You may also email (info@amerifloodsolutions.com) or fax (1.866.427.2272) the following information and documents:

  1. Date of construction.
  2. Flood insurance declaration page(s).
  3. Elevation certificate associated with the declaration page(s).